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     All paintings are made with love and guarantee. They are made by hand on the base of use-proven technologies and traditions of 17-18 century paintings.

Classic portrait

There are presented portraits painted from nature and from the photo

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Still lifes with flowers

On the web site you can find old artists's copies of still life with flowers. All presented here paintings are customized and belong to private galleries in Russia, USA, Germany, Canada, Israel, Luxemburg, France, Italy, UK.

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Still lifes with flowers

Paintings of horses in the order

You can see different equine coat colors in oil on canvas in 2013-2014. You can order copy of any painting you like.

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Paintings of horses

Portrait by your photograph

Portrait with the use of photography is one of the most unique streams in odern portrait art.  » Order

Portrait by your photograph

Seascapes to order

The surf. 60x80 cm., canvas, oil, 2012. Ivan Aivazovsky. Author's copy.  » Go to gallery at Portrets.ru



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Victor Deryugin's works

Victor Deryugin self-portrait 60х80cm, canvas, oil. 1998

Victor Deryugin is a renown Moscow artist - portraitist. Victor received a classical artistic education and is extremely experienced in his art. Victor took part in many exhibitions. His works are well-known and in great demand. His portraits may be admired in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad. The artist adheres to the principles of classical art based on the aesthetics of antiquity and the Renaissance. His skills draw upon academic schools of painting and drawing. Victor Deryugin is artistically closer to the Russian classicism of the 1830-50s represented by O.Kiprensky, K.Bryullov and V.Tropinin, founder of the Moscow school of painting. The artist's Russian roots are apparent in his pursuit of Ancient Russia's aesthetics with its inherent understanding of the spiritual function of art positively inclined towards symbolical and portrait representations. The artist thus looks for inspiration in people and represents his characters at their best in their life by rendering their ability to feel, as well as their aspiration to live a spiritual life. Victor Deryugin always upholds high human ideals with divine spiritual intent. Inner turmoil does not feature in his portraits, which have an easy quality to them. They are unaffected, relaxed, soothing and sometimes even homey. With great spontaneity, the artist perceives and communicates the particular features of his models and environment. In his works, Viktor pays particular attention to his subject's direct surroundings, to his/her clothes, to a specific moment. Victor Deryugin's portraits are also noted for their high figurative quality. Soft modeling of volumes goes hand in hand with tonal unity which never compromises the artist's ability to see the value of independent color qualities, as well as the beauty of texture. Each portrait is a unique piece. The artist applies thin transparent layers of paint conferring a glazed appearance to his canvas. This painting technique was used by the great masters of the Renaissance as well as classical masters such as Rembrandt, Rubens and Poussin. The frames used by the artist for his portraits also take us back to the old masters' art, and as a rule, they are made of heavy gold molding. Victor Deryugin's interest in the surroundings of his models comes to the fore in his easel painting. Many of his paintings gravitate around most varied themes such as daily, historical, or even battle scenes. The composition of themes and portraits thus come together while the artist's image construction is always applied to serve the portrait. Combining genres has become the natural expression of the painter's major artistic interests, expressed most boldly in group compositions. Although Victor Deryugin mainly specializes in portraits, his artistic know-how allows him to paint landscapes, as well as still-life and easel paintings. His talent as a decorator is also noticeable in some of his works and although the artist remains loyal to classical traditions, his technique allows him to compose in other styles too. Viktor's fashionable interior paintings (portraits and pictures of different genres designed to blend harmoniously in a specific interior) show his range as a great painter who masters many artistic expressions. Victor Deryugin is an artist whose main concern is to ensure that each of his portraits or paintings is artistically relevant to his client. His works are never repeated as their form and figurative content are always new. The artist constantly experiments and looks for new figurative solutions. Staging is constantly changed, while the artist uses different clothing, interiors and picture sizes. Despite his relative young age, Victor Deryugin can already present a great body of works, which still awaits wider critical acclaim. Victor Deryugin is sure to become one of the most rightfully recognized Russian artists of the 21st century. Louisa Petrovna Nekrilova, Art Critic