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     All paintings are made with love and guarantee. They are made by hand on the base of use-proven technologies and traditions of 17-18 century paintings.

Classic portrait

There are presented portraits painted from nature and from the photo

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Still lifes with flowers

On the web site you can find old artists's copies of still life with flowers. All presented here paintings are customized and belong to private galleries in Russia, USA, Germany, Canada, Israel, Luxemburg, France, Italy, UK.

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Still lifes with flowers

Paintings of horses in the order

You can see different equine coat colors in oil on canvas in 2013-2014. You can order copy of any painting you like.

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Paintings of horses

Portrait by your photograph

Portrait with the use of photography is one of the most unique streams in odern portrait art.  » Order

Portrait by your photograph

Seascapes to order

The surf. 60x80 cm., canvas, oil, 2012. Ivan Aivazovsky. Author's copy.  » Go to gallery at



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Male portrait

Male portrait in the armchair 60x70sm. canvas, oil. 2006 year.

About a portrait

Portrait - is the image of the person in painting or a sculpture, reproducing the original in accuracy, with all features of appearance and individual character. Drawing a portrait, the artist transfers individual similarity, opens a private world and character of the represented person, reveals typical features of epoch and the social environment in shape of model. Usually the portrait represents modern to the artist the person and creates directly from a nature. Alongside with it the type of a portrait when represent any figure of the past (the historical portrait) on memoirs or representation of the master was generated, on the basis of auxiliary (literary and art, documentary.) materials. Both in a portrait of the contemporary, and in a historical portrait, the objective image of the validity is accompanied with the certain artist’s relation to the model, own outlook reflecting it. All this transferred in a specific - individual art manner, brings subjective author's coloring in a portrait image. Art of a portrait has arisen in an extreme antiquity; many centuries prior to A.D It was widely used at Egyptians - the wooden and stone statues found in significant number in funeral constructions of this people to those acknowledgement.
In V century up to A.D. For the first time have appeared at Greeks present portrait гермы and statues, namely among products of Dmitry Alopeksky, living in times of Pericle. Wide blossoming of a picturesque, sculptural and graphic portrait occurs in Renaissance, being shown substantially art of Italy. Such sculptors as Deziderio da Settiano, Mino da Fuesole, Antonio Rassellino, and Della-Robia, Donatello have quickly achieved brilliant results in the aspiration to reproduce a human face. Art vision of the portraitist of Renaissance in many cases idealized model, but by all means followed from necessity to overtake its essence. Representing the character in the certain terrestrial environment, the artist freely had model in space. And the model even more often acted not on a conditional, unreal background as it was in art of Middle Ages, and in unity with realistically treated interior or a landscape, frequently in direct alive dialogue with invented (mythological) characters. Radical public, ideological and scientific shifts in life of the West-European countries at the end of 16 - the beginning 17 years. Have affected occurrence of new forms of a portrait. Its specificity now was determined changed world-wiev with the inherited Revival from antiquity антропоцентризмом. Portraitists search for the big adequacy to true shape of model, opening its multicomplex character. Essential updating of ideological - substantial structure of a portrait in 17 century was accompanied by evolution of its expressive means (by means of shadow contrasts, new receptions of the letter dense short dabs), that informs the image unknown before rely tangible mobility. Also the huge role was allocate expressiveness of gesture of model.
With outcome of XVII century airs and graces and the reserve which has appeared in art, have prevented a portrait to be kept at the height achieved by it and even have removed it on the second plan both in painting, and in a sculpture. The love to гравированным to portraits, and also executed by a pastel and tiny watercolors was distributed.
From painters of XIX century especially remarkable portraitists have showed itself: French David, Gerard, Engr, P.Delarosh, Eber, Vantergalter, Bonn, Karolus Ruran, Dubuf, Landel; Germans - Vakh, Mangus, Genzel. G.Rihter, J.Shrader, About. Begas, Amareling, Angeli, Lenbah. Fr. Caulbah; Englishmen - Mille, Oules, Gerkomer, Pointer; Russian - Vernek, Kiprensky, K.Brjullov, Tropinin, ЗZaryanko, Perov and Kramskoy.
Art critic, Nekrilova Luiza