The girl with the book

     All paintings are made with love and guarantee. They are made by hand on the base of use-proven technologies and traditions of 17-18 century paintings.

Women’s portraits

There are presented portraits painted from nature and from the photo

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Still lifes with flowers

On the web site you can find old artists's copies of still life with flowers. All presented here paintings are customized and belong to private galleries in Russia, USA, Germany, Canada, Israel, Luxemburg, France, Italy, UK.

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Still lifes with flowers

Paintings of horses in the order

You can see different equine coat colors in oil on canvas in 2013-2014. You can order copy of any painting you like.

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Paintings of horses

Portrait by your photograph

Portrait with the use of photography is one of the most unique streams in odern portrait art.  » Order

Portrait by your photograph

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The surf. 60x80 cm., canvas, oil, 2012. Ivan Aivazovsky. Author's copy.  » Go to gallery at



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Women’s portraits to order

"The girl with the book" 50х70sm. Oil on canvas. 2005 year.

About a portrait

Peering at a portrait, you catch itself on ideas as far as closely V.Derjugin is connected to the Russian culture of 19-th century. And not only on style, but also on spirit. As student Julja is similar to those representatives Russian разночинной youth of the end of 19-th century which we can see on works Ярошенко, Крамского and others передвижников. Only psychological adjust the portrait image created by the artist, it is a little other. In a sight of the girl there is no alarm, revolutionary pathos. She is the student is not inclined to use the reason and knowledge that something to destroy. On the contrary, its(her) applicability - creatively creating. Carefully having pressed to itself of the book, the girl shows all kind, that this source of knowledge, as the Bible, for it(her) above all.
The constrained color scale, without bright тоновых contrasts, immerses портретируемую in depth of space of a picture that gives to character of the girl integrity and definiteness.
The form of the person of model is superb simulated. Before us not only the clear head, but also a beauty, the girl with strong character, with the certain vital position and good vital prospect.
Art critic, Nekrilova Luiza