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     All paintings are made with love and guarantee. They are made by hand on the base of use-proven technologies and traditions of 17-18 century paintings.

Women’s portraits

There are presented portraits painted from nature and from the photo

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Still lifes with flowers

On the web site you can find old artists's copies of still life with flowers. All presented here paintings are customized and belong to private galleries in Russia, USA, Germany, Canada, Israel, Luxemburg, France, Italy, UK.

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Still lifes with flowers

Paintings of horses in the order

You can see different equine coat colors in oil on canvas in 2013-2014. You can order copy of any painting you like.

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Paintings of horses

Portrait by your photograph

Portrait with the use of photography is one of the most unique streams in odern portrait art.  » Order

Portrait by your photograph

Seascapes to order

The surf. 60x80 cm., canvas, oil, 2012. Ivan Aivazovsky. Author's copy.  » Go to gallery at



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"Ksenija"170х70sm. canvas, oil. 2005 year.

About the children's portrait.

the Children's portrait - one of the most popular directions in modern art. Which parent does not dream to embody an image of the favourite child in a picture?! Representing the child and his childhood, we hold forever in remembrance about small man right at the beginning of his life. Years will pass and the person represented on a cloth will grow old, but always, having looked at the children's portrait, with gratitude will recollect the parents who have presented him memory of far, happy and carefree time.
Victor Derjugin has the big creative experience working on portraits of children of the most various age groups. These images are various on mood and figurative characteristics. The small person can be similar to the adult: same thoughtful, shipped in the own world of ideas and experiences, or, on the contrary, to be childly naive, simple and direct.
In portraits of the painter the background, the spatial environment which to the child should be mastered in process of his growth has the big value. It can be domestic, familiar and friendly in relation to him or fantastic - mysterious, real or invented.
The kind relation to people including small - a distinctive character trait of artist Derjugina, and the love to children gives to images of those he paints a special charm and sensibility. The portraits of children created by him will leave nobody indifferent since it is one of the best samples of modern portrait art.
Art critic, Nekrilova Luiza