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The portrait genre includes works of art that capture appearance of a specific person (or group of people).
  • Each portrait conveys the individual, inherent only to the portrayed (or, as the artists say, the model), features. But artist’s conception is not limited only by passing resemblance. In addition, the author of the portrait, as a rule, is not a dispassionate recorder of external and internal features portrayed: the personal attitude of the artist to the model, his own worldview, his creative manner impose a visible mark on the product. Portrait art dates back several millennia. In painting, there are a number of portraits where the artist has barely outlined the face, and yet the person is recognizable.
  • A portrayist should strive to represent not only the resemblance, but also the nature of the model, his psychology, completeness of human personality. The ability to see and to convey on canvas or paper, all that distinguishes one person from another, to disclose in a portrait the most important - nature and human psychology, is not awarded to the many.
  • A portrayist must have perfect skill, requiring enormous stress, straight eye and a sure hand. A slightest slip in the thickness of a line is enough to infringe similarity.
  • Portrait artist must be a colorist as well. Each face has its own color, skin tone, from marble-white to a swarthy brown. Only colorist can communicate delicate pearl baby’s skin, dull face, gentle glow, crimson-red face of a drunkard, healthy tan of a collective farmer, gymnast, etc.
  • A portrayist must be a master of composition, i.e., be able to place a figure on the canvas in such a characterful and plastic turn, surrounded by details, or without them, that all taken together most impressively reached the audience.
  • Painters who worked at this portrait, count thousands, but there are only dozens of real atrists among them. Masterpieces of portraiture can be called the masterpieces in which the artist managed to find and express features inherent in many people, in a single person.
  • All these qualities are characteristic of artist Victor Deryugin - a bright representative of Tropinin school of portraiture, and by addressing him and ordering a portrait from him, you will receive a work of art worth your spent money.

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