Prices for still life paintings

Classic sizes of still lifes :

  • 40x50 cm 800 $
  • 50х70 cm 1500 $
  • 60х80 cm 2000 $
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    Payment Methods

    1. You can pay for a portrait by cash or bank transfer:

    a)    bank transfer through Sberbank +3%  

    б)   bank transfer through Raiffeisenbank +1%  

    2. Also you can pay for a portrait by electronic payment:

    a) Another convenient method of payment is WebMoney electronic payment system. To make a payment, send the appropriate amount in rubles at the rate of Central bank + 1% for a WMR purse account R233793534220 or in USD +1% to WMZ purse account Z178738286896. Be sure to indicate in comments from whom and what the payment is made for.

    Delivery of paintings anywhere in Russia, CIS and the world

    Portrait in a frame and a plywood box for transportation. Box size 140х110х20cm. Painting on a stretcher - packed in a mail carton Painting in a roll - in a cardboard tube. Canvas is stretched on a stretcher on the spot
    Paintings may be shipped in three ways:

    1.Picture in a frame - in a plywood box for transportation.
    2.Painting on a stretcher - packed in mail carton
    3.Painting in a roll - in a cardboard tube. Canvas is stretched on a stretcher on the spot.

    In this section you can calculate shipping costs and time required for delivery of your order.
    Download all prices

    1. Courier delivery within Russia
    2. Courier delivery within CIS
    3. Delivery by railway and motor transport across Russia
    4. Rates for delivery around the world (except CIS)
    5. Delivery across Moscow and Moscow region is free
    6 Courier fees for next day delivery to St. Petersburg

    More specifically you can calculate shipping charges here
    Or call Victor Deryugin by phone in Moscow: Tel.: +7 (499) 179-97-17 Mob. +7916-096-61-18



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